Introducing CKAN 2.3 - Visualize the Future

March 25, 2015

OpenGovGear is about to upgrade our OpenDataPortal with CKAN 2.3.

So we asked Mike from OpenGovGear: What makes CKAN so awesome? And what can we expect with CKAN 2.3?

Here's what he had to say...

CKAN 2.3 has just been released and we are all very excited for it!

What is a CKAN?

Well, if you are new to the Open Data world, CKAN (the Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network) is the world’s leading open source data management system. Developed by the Open Knowledge Foundation, CKAN provides tools to streamline the publishing, finding, and sharing of data. To put it another way, if all of an organization's data were books, CKAN would be the library that stores them and makes them accessible to you and me.

CKAN is what is powering many Open Data portals around the world. The list is quite extensive but includes many national portals such as Canada, Australia, Germany and the UK. It is used by many cities, locally this includes Surrey and White Rock. The new Open Data portal launched by the province of BC is using CKAN. And of course, the site you are reading from right now is built on CKAN.

It is safe to say that without CKAN and its team of developers, which cross borders and span countries, Open Data would not be in the same place.

Now, with the release of the newest iteration of CKAN, we have a better platform than ever before. Here are some of the coolest updates:

  • The whole way that resources are previewed in CKAN has changed. Gone are the days where you had to view data in an ugly grid format. CKAN now supports multiple persistent views of the same data. Goodbye spreadsheets, hello charts, graphs and maps!

  • Simplified two-step dataset creations process. Don’t have time to go through 3 screens to upload your data? Now you can do it in two!

  • New responsive design of the default theme. Have your open data portal up and running on multiple devices faster than ever.

  • Improved DataStore filtering and full-text search capabilities.

  • Ability for users to regenerate their API keys.

The above list is just a small sample of the changes in CKAN 2.3. The full changelog includes hundreds of changes and bugfixes and can be viewed [here].

Stay tuned as OpenDataBC will be rolling out CKAN 2.3 very soon!