2017 Vancouver Open Data Day results

March 6, 2017

Our 2017 Vancouver Open Data Day Hackathon was a great success! Thank you everyone!

Thank you to all our participants

We'd like to thank the 60 plus participants who came out on Saturday March 4 for this year's #VODday Hackathon. Some came from as far away as Washington State! We loved the enthusiasm and open data love shared by everyone. Your participation and hard work, your desire to solve problems and identify important trends, and your interest in learning new skills... they made the day what it was, and it couldn't have happened without you!

While we have prizes for many of the day's teams, this hackathon was really about discovering new ways open data can be helpful in finding innovative solutions to the challenges we face, to making services more accessible to those who need it most, and providing better information to improve decision making.

The results of the day remind us why it's important to have information freely available in an open and accessible formats!

Tayybeh - A Celebration of Syrian Cuisine

Everyone loved having Tayybeh provide us an amazing lunch that celebrated their amazing syrian cuisine, together with supporting this Vancouver startup of Syrian entrepreneurs.


Mentors from OpenDataBC, DataBC, City of Surrey, and City of Vancouver all came out to help teams with questions during the day. And the mentoring doesn't stop at the end of the day. We encourage all our participants to reach out to mentors as they continue to work on their projects.

Linda challenging teams on bike rack analysis & voting transparency & election data! #vodday

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Rory challenging #vodday teams to find Trends in Community Energy & Emissions

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Greg from DataBC challenging teams to use #BCDev #OpenData at #vodday

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Mark loves hackathons! Great to have you here as a #Vodday hackathon Mentor!

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Competition Panel

Our competition panel asked insightful questions, gave participants new ideas to expand or refine their open data project, and you carefully deliberated over all the open data apps. Most importantly, you helped recognize the hard work of participants during the day.

Even the panel learned a thing or two at our #VODday Hackathon!

Competition Winners

This year we had 7 different prizes to give away in various different categories. Some as part of International Open Data Day, and some with a local focus from the City of Vancouver, City of Surrey, DataBC and ProtoHack!

City of Vancouver Focus Challenge


My vision is that apps based on Vancouver open data should be localized into all the languages in which Vancouver residents want them.

Best Use of DataBC Open Data Sets, and International Open Data Day (Public Money Flows)


A budget visualization and editing tool. Created as part of the Vancouver Open Data Day Hackathon 2017.

City of Surrey Challenge, Trends in Community Energy and Emissions

BC and Canada Energy and CO2 Visualization

International Open Data Day Challenge Winner


OpenSesame is a platform that allows anyone to access a Municipal open dataset, edit it and push it back online as a publicly-updated copy (PUC). Once a user creates a "data project", this edited data can be accessed as a link from a government website or directly from our landing page. As the dataset accumulates edits from members of the public, it becomes more refined and serves as an alternative version-controlled source of information. For ease of use, edit forms will look like googlesheets or simple web forms (TBD).

Wildcard and Protohack Winner


A map-based app that focuses on accessibility-- indicating accessible washrooms, parking, transit, etc. for the city of Vancouver. These accessible locations are buried in various City of Vancouver datasets, they just need to be mined out. There is a similar app (http://accessnow.me/) but this is entirely crowd-sourced. Adding the publicly available data would greatly enrich a tool like this.

Thank you to our sponsors!

City of Surrey

City of Vancouver

Province of BC
Dynamic Solutions



Tribe Space

Social Summary of the day